Circular No.27/2020-21, Dated:11/09/2020-Covid-19 Preventive Activities:Further Directions to be followed by Office Staff | Circular No.26/2020-21,Dated:21/8/2020-Regarding the increase in various Benefits to Scattered Scheme Workers | Circular No.25/2020-21,Dated:25/8/2020-Verification regarding Earned Leave of Retired Employees in the Service Book | Circular No.24/2020-21,Dated:24/8/2020-Further Directions to be followed for the Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers Suffering from Covid-19+ | Circular No.23/2020-21,Dated:24/8/2020-Early Disbursement of 2020 August Month's full Wages,in advance to Daily Wage Staff-regarding | Circular No.22/2020-21,Dated:21/8/2020-Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers Suffering from Covid-19(+ive case) | Circular No.21/2020-21,Dated:17/8/2020-Amendments on Unattached Workers Pension regarding | Circular No.20/2020-21,Dated:19/8/2020-Regarding 2020 Staff Festival Advance | Circular No.19/2020-21,Dated:19/8/2020-Regarding Early Disbursement of 2020 August Month's Salary to Staff | Circular No.18/2020-21,Dated:17/8/2020-Regarding Distribution of 2020 Bonus/Special Festival Allowance to Staff |
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