Circular No.09/2020-21, Dated:19/5/2020 - Guidelines to be followed during the Covid-19 Lockdown period - implemented upto May 31,2020 | Circular No.08/2020-21, Dated:08/05/2020 - Regarding the provision of the new Account code:08C (Covid_Grant to Workers) | Circular No.07/2020-21 - As per KSR, the Excessive accepted Pay Revision Arrears - a returning consent form to be collected from employees | Circular No.06/2020-21, Dated:04/5/2020 - Further Directions to Staff regarding employees' salary cut to overcome the financial crisis due to Covid-19 | Circular No.05/2020-21, Dated:30/4/2020 - Further Directions regarding Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers in relation to Covid-19 Lockdown | Circular No.04/2020-21, Dated:29/04/2020 - Unattached Scheme, Minimum Pension Raised to 1300/- Orders issued | Circular No.03/2020-21 - The proposal to temporarily set aside a part of employees' salaries in order to overcome the financial crisis due to Covid-19 | Circular No.01/2020-21, Dated:20/4/2020 - Further Directions to Staff regarding Covid-19 Lockdown | Application for Grant in relation to Covid 19 Lockdown to Scattered Workers | Circular No.26/2019-20, Dated:12/03/2020, Due to Covid 19 spread,Permission is given to purchase Sanitizer / Hand wash in all offices |


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