Circular No.13/2021-22,Dated:18/6/2021-Further Directions to be followed for the Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers Suffering from Covid-19+ | Circular No.12/2021-22, Dated:16/6/2021 - Covid-19 Preventive Activities:Further Directions to be followed on working hours & attendance of Off. staff | Circular No.11/2021-22, Dated:15/6/2021 - Wage Disbursement to Daily Wage Staff During Lockdown period regarding | Circular No.10/2021-22, Dated:31/5/2021 - Repaying of Loans & Advances from Unattached Workers those who are removed from Roll during Lockdown period | Circular No.09/2021-21, Dated:31/5/2021 - Regarding Loan exemption from Unattached Workers Wages due to lockdown | Circular No.08/2021-22, Dated:25/5/2021-Further Directions for Special Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers during Lockdown due to Covid Spread | Circular No.07/2021-22, Dated:19/5/2021 - Special Financial Assistance to Unattached Workers during May,2021 Lockdown due to Covid-19 Spread in Kerala | Circular No.06/2021-22, Dated:17/5/2021 - Regarding the opening of Offices to provide Financial Assistance to Head load Workers during Lockdown | Circular No.05/2021-22, Dated:07/05/2021 - Covid-19, Phase II-Lockdown Guidelines regarding | Circular No.04/2021-22, Dated:04/05/2021 - Unattached Scheme, Minimum Pension Raised to 1600/- Orders issued |

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